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A Haven of Piety, Compassion, and Rigor

Exploring the Expansive Facilities of Nizamiyya in Istanbul

A Haven of Piety, Compassion, and Rigor

Our goal is to nurture spiritually-grounded, morally-committed & intellectually-curious servant leaders who can benefit their families & communities — locally & globally.

To meaningfully make this happen, our goals are a practiced mastery of Islam, a rooted understanding of Iman, & prophetic character directed to Ihsan. It is in this fertile soil that a love of knowledge is nurtured and learning takes root.

We believe that our students need to engage rigorously with the Islamic tradition as well as with the arts, humanities, and STEM fields. We challenge our students with both the technical know-how and ethical demands of AI and robotics.

Our Commitment

Excellence in Education

Our Commitment

We seek to encourage a zeal for excellence, love of lifelong learning, & pursuit of meaningful life-callings according to their unique interests and talents.

We also recognize that the Ummah’s schools are in desperate need for resources that ground students in the Islamic worldview, while also building character and discipline of the mind, body, and soul.

In addition to crafting resources to support existing curricula for math, science, and the language arts, our research team of specialists in education, science, and philosophy are also traditionally trained in the Islamic sciences by our Ummah’s top scholars to redefine the standards of education. Our advisors are from Harvard, MIT, and UC Berkeley.

We seek to cultivate wisdom, compassion, and a sense of prophetic duty toward family, community, and Ummah.

We invite you to build the future at Nizamiyya.

The Serenity of the Spacious Musalla​​ at Nizamiyya Istanbul

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