Cultivating Wisdom and Compassion through Holistic Education

A non-profit international school based in Istanbul

About Nizamiyya

Nizamiyya is an institution that works to nurture the pursuit of Allah’s pleasure in our students through seeking a practised mastery of Islam, a grounded understanding of Iman, and a character directed to Ihsan.

Our principles of piety, rigour, and compassion act as the foundation on which we build, helping us to decide what to teach, how to teach, and the goals to which we direct our students.

Shaping Future Generations


Nizamiyya is a premiere educational program in a family-like environment that fosters spiritual, intellectual, & physical growth for our students.


The mission of Nizamiyya is to prepare spiritually-grounded, morally-committed & intellectually-curious servant leaders who can benefit their families & communities — locally & globally.


We seek to encourage a zeal for excellence, a love of lifelong learning, & the pursuit of meaningful life-callings according to their unique interests and talents.

Crafting a Nurturing and Inclusive Learning Experience at Nizamiyya

Facilities at Nizamiyya

A Haven for Comprehensive Learning in Istanbul

A Haven for Comprehensive
Learning in Istanbul

Nestled in the vibrant city of Istanbul, Nizamiyya presents a distinct, enriching campus environment that caters to both the educational and social needs of our students. Our diverse facilities are purposefully designed and strategically located, offering a broad spectrum of amenities that foster a holistic approach to learning.

Education at Nizamiyya

Harmonizing Spiritual and Temporal Knowledge

A guiding principle central to Nizamiyya’s academic philosophy is to strive towards earning Allah’s favour. This quest forms the foundation of our intentional studying methodology, shaping our curriculum, instructional staff selection, and pedagogical approaches. We utilise education as a conduit to the successful navigation of our temporal existence and our eternal life hereafter.

Meet The Team

We believe that our students need to engage rigorously with the Islamic tradition as well as with the arts, humanities, and STEM fields. We challenge our students with both the technical know-how and ethical demands of AI and robotics.

Abdelminem Mustafa
Khadiga Elmanea
Deputy Director
Basim Elkarra
Board Member
Kefah Elabed
Board Member
Exploring the Expansive Facilities of Nizamiyya in Istanbul

Investing in the Future

Education as Empowerment

The future of the Muslim Ummah lies in its youth. Their education today will define the intellectual standards of the community tomorrow. It’s time we take a step forward to ensure a promising future. It’s time we invest in Nizamiyya – where education means empowerment.

Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in our mission. Your generosity will not only fuel our operations today but will also help shape the future of the Muslim Ummah. Together, we can bring a new dawn for Islamic education. 

Ready to join our vibrant community?

Discover an inclusive, comprehensive learning environment that nurtures your academic growth and personal development. We invite you to become part of Nizamiyya and experience the richness of our facilities firsthand.